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Women comprise less than 24% of the global IT market. Today more than ever, we need them to stay.

Debra Christmas

About the Author

Debra Christmas is a seasoned leader with 40 years experience in the high tech field managing all aspects of information technology. Prior to joining Gartner Canada, Debra was Vice-President of Hewlett-Packard software technical sales. She has been a Chief Information Officer in the municipal sector. She is a trained Co-Active coach and Leadership Circle certified. She is the founder of Stiletto Gladiators, a not for profit consultancy on diversity and inclusion and leadership and mentorship for women in technology.

Kelley Irwin

About the Author

Kelley Irwin is a technology executive who has led teams as small as five, and as large as eight hundred. She has been blogging publicly for over ten years, most recently as girlgeeklikeme.com. She is a CIO by experience, a martial arts black belt by training, and an optimist by nature.

About the Book

Debra and Kelley have been mentors and sponsors for women and men in our paths and participated in public speaking, workgroups, and committees. We found that people could be inspired, but what is often lacking is the HOW. How do we find our voice? How can we be a friend, not a foe to other women? How can we stop sabotaging ourselves? Part of our mission is to not only share what we have learned along the way but to provide real advice on what you can do.
Our goals include recognizing talented women in technology (you’ll hear from many of them in the book), inspiring the broader community of women in tech, and encouraging the next generation of young women to join us. It is equally important for us to embrace our women in technology tribe – a human social group – to support and retain the women currently in the profession.
We’ve all heard statistics about the challenges and the need to encourage young women to join and reduce the attrition of talented women currently in the technology profession. Women in technology are positioned to demonstrate their leadership as we know how to build communities and engage people to bring out their personal best.

Join this tribe of women in technology. We are creating a movement to help our women in tech tribe grow, excel, enjoy, and STAY!

There are no accidents or coincidences in life. Our paths were meant to cross and a friendship was cemented. From that friendship a mission was born. We hope you join us on this journey.

Women comprise less than 24% of the global IT market.

Women are not entering the tech field as we had hoped, and even more concerning, women are leaving the field of technology. Today more than ever, we need them to stay.

About the Movement


We are opening the door for a dialogue, an exchange of ideas, a conversation about this profession, the jobs and careers available, and the fantastic tribe of people you could join in our journey.

Join our tribe to contribute with your stories, your words of inspiration, your questions, and your thoughts. We want to hear your interests, your concerns, and of course your successes. We can teach, and we can learn. And isn’t that what a great community is all about?

Women in tech are powerful. Join the discussion, join the movement.

It is time for us to unite, to come together as a community of smart, capable, competent women. There is strength in numbers. There is power with focus and commitment to a cause. Women in tech are the cause. We have the right to succeed and the responsibility to help others.

Let’s all be technology warriors.

Women in Tech Tribe Blog


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A Global Community

Our community is a vibrant network of women and allies all around the world. We have been connecting with each other over shared experiences, building each other up, and cheering each other on.

Women in Tech Tribe

Helping women in tech survive and thrive.