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Please Join

Tech careers are awesome for women. Just ask women in the field and they quickly share stories about the innovative, creative, and analytical skills you can leverage to design and deliver technology solutions.

The challenge occurs when girls lose interest in science and math classes early in life. Research shows that girls opt-out of these critical classes as early as 6 years of age, mainly because girls don’t have any visible female role models working in technology and don’t understand what STEM professionals do.

Girls can envision their place in tech by seeing accomplished women they relate to in the field. But, they need more than just role models.

Girls need to see the breadth of opportunity in technology careers. It’s important to connect the technology underpinning their lives to their personal interests. And change the outdated perception that a career in technology is limited to writing code, configuring hardware, or installing software.

Let’s spark the interest. Let’s change the perception.

Our new book – Please Join – will feature girls from 6 to 16. Our mission is to celebrate, inspire, and support their interest in technology and create the next generation of role models.