Careers in STEAM for the young women of tomorrow


There are many clear careers in STEM that we highly endorse, and we’re super excited to see a spotlight on them.

Allow us to take that to our area of particular interest and passion. The intersection of STEM and the arts ie: STEAM. STEAM education is “an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking” according to The Institute of Arts Integration and STEAM.

If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 6 and 16, particularly one who finds happiness at the intersection of science and arts, we’ll highlight some of the career possibilities to think about.

Besides what seems obvious, like gaming and games design, or web design and app building, there is a LOT more. This may surprise many of us, as loved ones of girls who gravitate towards STEM.

For Women In Tech Tribe’s Debra and Kelley, it’s a story of possibilities

As women who have been in the field of technology for a long time, who love the field, and are “having a fabulous time here and far from done”, can we offer inspiration to the people shaping the relationship between technology and the next generation of women?

Yes, we think so!

Exciting career possibilities in STEAM for young girls from 6-16

  1. Product design – the virtual and hybrid environment will always have takers for those who know how to deploy the perfect balance of form and functionality. Product design has a wide range of options from the deeply tactile end of the spectrum, allowing more and more creators to monetize their products through easily available e-commerce platforms like Canada’s own Shopify. With the development of technology, product design extends into the delivery of various tools, and logistical support applications that we continue to deploy in the course of our ongoing hybrid life.
  2. User experience and customer experience design – a focus on making things easier and more intuitive, has remained at the core of the post-pandemic hybrid work-life environment. Online user experience has now become an official course of instruction at education institutions across North America, including Ivy League universities like Rhode Island School of Design. Delivering customer experience in a way that creates and maintains customer satisfaction, while also keeping an eye on cost and efficiency has become the love language of this century!
  3. Sound and video engineering – podcasts and videos and other multimedia content creation is part for the course for most firms. Whether for education, marketing, or employee/customer engagement and experience, exponentially more people use the medium and need execution expertise. With that in mind, finding a career in sound and video engineering offers young women and men with an interest in the intersectionality of science and arts more outlets for creative and technical expression.
  4. Urban planners – the cities of the future are changing. Post-pandemic, cities have spread out more, and people have moved to prioritize space over convenience. With that comes a whole new generation of urban planners who will use creativity and access to build the cities of the future. Perhaps the young woman in your life will be one of them?
  5. Agricultural/Environmental planner – the planet’s problems and the ongoing challenge of feeding over 9 billion people, offer the kind of problem-solving opportunity that some people cannot wait to sink their teeth into.

Find ways to offer information and education on the options within STEAM! The world needs more young girls to embrace the space.

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