Strategies for raising confident girls in the tech age


The digital era has brought with it an unprecedented ubiquity and constant evolution of technology, and this makes it increasingly crucial for young girls to develop a robust foundation of confidence and self-esteem quite early.

Why girls? Well, according to studies, girls are often less confident and have lower self-esteem than boys, particularly in fields related to science and technology, which are often male dominated, even in the 2020s. Parents and educators must be first to the rescue when it comes to fixing this! We must implement strategies that empower and encourage young girls to develop and pursue their passions in these areas. In this article, we will delve into some effective tactics for fostering confidence in young girls in the tech age and addressing the stereotypes and obstacles that may hinder their progress.

Foundationally, confidence is self-belief; the conviction that we can overcome obstacles in our path and make our way to what we define a life of success. A realistic assessment of our own capabilities, and a sense of security in that knowledge are prerequisites for confidence. When we are confident, we put those around us at ease. Some signals of confidence are the ability to make a good first impression, to handle pressure, and to overcome obstacles on a personal and professional level.

  1. Model the behaviour you’d like to see.

You lead by example as a parent or educator. Your words and your actions should serve as the most powerful guides for your girl. And besides a strong peer set, girls from 6-16, spend the most time, and form their thought frameworks, based on the influences and impacts of their parents and educators. Modeling confidence-inspiring behaviors can be amplified by pointing your youngster toward other strong women who inspire you as your role models.

  1. Praise is a magical thing for kids.

The power of praise is immense for kids of all ages. Shower your girls and non-binary kids, in particular, with praise. Remind them of their strengths and kindnesses. Discourage and deal with negative self-talk early and often.

  1. Empower failure – become aware of your response to their mistakes!

Teach your kids that everyone makes mistakes, and that the most important thing is how they move on from them. Help them understand their relationship with fear. While it’s normal to want to shield your child from failure, kids learn by experience, and failing to reach a goal teaches them that it’s not the end of the world, which will deliver valuable lessons for the long term.

  1. Create positive associations with tech for your girls. 

Introducing girls to technology at a young age is an excellent way to equalize the gap in the tech world as it relates to women. Investing in structured programs can encourage young girls to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) which will provide the foundational thinking for careers in technology.

Self-image is not set in stone. It is dynamic and ever evolving. We can learn to challenge the distortions in the mirror by developing a healthier and truer picture of ourselves. Let’s teach our kids to accept and love themselves.

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